Introducing Haven House

Safe, secure, and independent. 

From within the Haven House, you can have the peace of mind of knowing you and your loved ones are safe from earthquakes, fires and storms and you can have the serenity which comes with self-sufficiency.  Besides being a structurally resilient building, the Haven House can be a greenhouse, a fishery, an orchard, a solar power collector and a rain collector.  It lends itself very well to whatever level of independence one aspires to have.

Too good to be true?  Too expensive?

Not so.  The Haven House is all of the above and more. The cost of the concrete version of the Haven House compares favorably with upper-end, stick-framed homes with comparable floor space. It is constructed of cast-in-place floors and pre-cast columns, beams and exterior walls.  A wrap around balcony greatly increases the usable floor space. Utilizing a natural ventilation system and a wide expanse of shuttered glazing , the interior finish can be any of an endless array of custom designs but an abundance of fresh air, sunshine and open space will allow any layout to be a veritable Garden of Eden.

For more building options check out alternative designs and alternative building materials. 

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